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Pennsylvania Regional Elements

The instate branch of the US&R system is comprised of nine (9) Regional Elements that are operational and deployable modular assets under the State Urban Search and Rescue System as established by the Regional Task Forces and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

The Regional Elements comprise over 230 personnel statewide located within the Regional Task Forces and differ in size depending upon population, threat and available qualified personnel.

  • Pennsylvania Strike Team One (PA-ST1) - South West Region
  • Pennsylvania Company One (PA-CO1) – South Central Region
  • Pennsylvania Company Two (PA-CO2) – South East Region
  • Pennsylvania Company Three (PA-CO3) – North East Region
  • Pennsylvania Company Four (PA-CO4) – North West Region
  • Pennsylvania Squad One (PA-SQ1) – East Central Region
  • Pennsylvania Squad Two (PA-SQ2) – North Central Region
  • Pennsylvania Squad Three (PA-SQ3) – South Central Mountain Region
  • Pennsylvania Rapid Assessment One (PA-RA1) – North West Central Region

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